Who is behind the lens?

Aileen Sorenson is a licensed Civil Engineer, a mother to a 8 years old daughter,  a wife, a sister and a friend. Her life moments have been changed when she moved in California, USA from the Philippines in year 2003.

She does volunteer works and been one time elected President of MOMS Club® of West Sacramento, CA, a nonprofit organization and a 501 (C) (3_ publicly-supported charity registered with the IRS.

She has been doing volunteer works  at her daughter school too if time allows.

As for photography, she is purely self-taught. Photography starts as one of her hobby then it becomes her passion. Monetary gain is not her primary objective but for the love of taking pictures and sharing it to others.

Her definition of photography - Don't just accept the world as you first see it. Move around. Experiment. Explore how you change each scene right before your eyes.

In her point of view of photography - To improve and get better on your photography skill, take out your camera and use it more often. Grab the opportunity if your time allows it and build your own photographic eye. The quality of your photography depends more on your own creativity.

She has been clicking her camera for a little over three years and already did some paid photography works: wedding, events, company product profile, and portraits.
You can also view some of her photography works HERE.  Thank you!

You can follow her updates from time to time by liking her page at Facebook: Aileen Sorenson Photography

Thank you visiting her Photography Blog and hope she can be a bit of your inspiration today!


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