Her Gaze


Light: Natural   ISO 100   1/30 sec f/5.6   Flash did not fire
Location: Sacramento Zoo, CA

Her gaze is soundlessly commanding me to go away and leave her alone with her nap under the triple digit Fahrenheit temperature yesterday.  “I am happy where am at and don’t disturb”, this Lion sending it to me as she continues to take her nap under the wall of shade.

I took my daughter yesterday at the Zoo as she will be going back to school pretty soon. Summer has been busy for me and my husband that we weren’t able to get out of town. Took her out yesterday for the idea to beat the crowd at weekends. But with all the days, I had picked the hottest days. Despite of that, I was happy to see my 8 years old daughter that she’s actually enjoying going back to the Zoo as loves all about animals. Prior years, she just happy to go in the Zoo and don’t have that much interests on them.

The only thing on summer days when visiting the Zoo is the animals don’t have much interest walking around. They are lazily and happily just take nap and hide. Spring and fall seasons are the best time as each animal are actively roaming around inside their space.  

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