My very first attempt on Photography


Happy first day of May!

I was digging into my external hard drive this afternoon and found this.

Here is one of my first attempts on photography. I took this photo two months after just received my own DSLR from my hubby. I have no clue on how it works in terms of settings, aperture, speed, light and other factors. I remember this daffodil flower was just alone under a wrecked machine up in the Daffodil hill located in Jackson, CA. A canopy of high trees surrounds it and I saw a light peeking through and illuminate this lonely flower. As for the time of the day, the sun starts to low down on the horizon. The time of the day, the amount of light makes me realized all plays a relatively rule on the result of your photo. This is the first time made me think that all things needs to be considered and manually adjusted the settings of your camera. It gives a great impact if you don’t shoot your subject on direct broad daylight.

This photo is no cropped and no editing has been done.


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