Swing me please up high in the sky


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 My daughter and I walked to the park last week on late afternoon. While I was in the swing accompanying my daughter, this little boy came over me and he just gave me a big sweet smile and starts talking to me. He then asked me to take a picture of him. He just starts giving me his nice smile and kind of pose and waiting for me take a picture. I asked him how old is he and replied back saying “two” at the same time showing his two-finger gesture up in the air. “How old?” he pointed up to my daughter and I said, “She is 8”. I told to my daughter that she can play with the little boy but my daughter says no because she cannot understand what he is saying. Somehow, I do understand his words and yet he is only two years old. I asked what his name is and replied, sounds like Avely Roy. So, I said your name is Roy. He said no, my name is Avely Roy.  I told him my name is Aileen.
“Swing me please up high in the sky”, he asked then. So, I put him on the swing and asked me again to take his picture. So, I did. Here it is his photo.
But, that is not the end of our conversation. I learned that he has a cousin and a little sister. I asked him what is their name and he just kind of stop and think about it. Of course, what do I expect; I am talking to a 2 years old. Anyway, after a while pushing him by the swing he said he is done and wants to play now. I walked then towards his mom and talked to her. I mentioned it to her that her son is very friendly. He came running towards his mom and says that my name is “Aiyin”. He picked up my name quickly and kind of surprises me even though he can’t say my name correctly.  I found out from his mom that his name is Roy and they called him Baby Roy and two and a half years old. Indeed he has a little sister and a cousin and they were in the park too. Not only that, Roy sat down in my lap and his little cousin to my left side. Roy’s sister, just over a year old, starts crying because she wants to be on my lap too. But what I am going to do, I can’t hold another kid and I have my camera with me too.
Sometimes, unexpected happens and, sometimes this unexpected brings warm in our heart. Those three little kids brings warm to my heart yesterday afternoon especially this little boy name Roy that wants to be taken his picture.


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