♥ Happy Mother's Day ♥


I feel like baking and decorating cupcakes this morning and so here it is. My daughter asks me why I am baking cupcakes and I replied back for no any reason at all and just for picture purposes only. Then she asked me if she can have some. I replied back with “Of course”. Then she replied back, “oh, I thought it’s only for picture purposes like you said mom”.

 While downloading the photos, a poem came to mind:

Mother’s Love
By © 2012 Aileen Sorenson
A mother’s love is one of the greatest gifts that the earth can offer
Without a mother’s love, the earth is almost to nothing
A mother’s love can heal everything and almost to anything
The mother’s love teaches a child to give love unquestioningly
A mother’s love we cannot replace or pay it much
A mother’s love will do everything and not to expect in return much
That mother’s love we ought to keep in our heart,
As that mother’s love we can pass on to our kids and share the love


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