Fall Season Portraiture


Try to use different angle for interesting result.

Meet my friend, Gelina. She is a reason why I am back on track on photography for stopping several months on clicking on my camera. I haven't really done much on portraiture or anything last year. Somehow, I kind of stop using my camera. It stayed inside the camera bag for months in which it is not ideal really if you haven't develop much your photographic eye yet on photography. I am still on the process of learning on what I do like to photograph at. I am still contemplating if I will call myself a photographer. I am totally purely seft-taught on photography.

As far as what I do like to photograph, I realized that I love to do some portaiture, vivid colors of nature, and macro photography. I haven't done a lot of landscape yet and haven't conclude if I do like it or not. Trying a landscape photography would be my one of the list I want to do on my future photograhy.

Anyhow, back on the photoshoot of my friend. It was actually a birthday gift for her. It was a month of October and it was chilly out already. Good thing, the sun was out. The hard thing though is when my eye starts to get watery and can't see much on the viewfinder. It gives me blurry vision and hard to focus on the subject clearly. The chilly cold outside causes my eyes watery. The truth is I was kind of nervous if I can get some good shot of her as I haven't done much portraiture of somebody aside of photoshooting my own daughter.

What I learned on portaiture during Fall Season:

1. The Fall season gives more warm tone on the subject as the sun is far away from earth. It really gives pleasing eye result. Afternoon photoshoot around 3:00sh is more preferrable.

2. Shoot under the shade like a big tree to eliminate shadow on the subject.


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