Ms. S {Kids Portraits}

Supplemental Elements: f3.2     1/400 s     ISO 100     50mm
My daughter and I were off last Saturday for Easter egg hunting in the park. What I love about the park is the big trees surrounding the area and gives plenty of shade.  It was beautiful day, the sun is out and some patches of cloud in some areas.

Asking the kids to take a picture with their eggs after picking them up is such not a good idea unless he/she listens to you. I said not such a good idea because of course, they are eager to open up the eggs and a prize waits inside. Who am I kidding? I think myself. We have at least more than 10 tens kids and only 1 I persuaded to have a picture with her eggs. I tried to ask several kids if they wanted to take a picture with their eggs and replied politely “No, thank you”. 

Meet Ms. S, aside from my daughter that cannot say no to me for a picture, only one says yes and sits down right away by the grass under the shade of a tree.

Tips on Photography:

Portraits – try not to use flash and it is more pleasing to the eye. Use different angles to capture an image. Use a tree for a shade. Always be ready to click away on kids’ photography.

Lesson learned:

Don’t expect for a kid to sit down long for photography especially when just done picking up the some eggs.


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